Hillsurf II Film

Hillsurf II takes over where

Hillsurf left off in Santa Cruz

Along Highway 1 in California is the most scenic and majectic shoreline that anyone can ever experience. Drive it, ride, or bike the coastline and surrounding hills and farmlands, ranches and beachside communities in awe. Hillsurf II opens up in the past glory of the San Jose Hills and drops down into the Surf Towns of the Northern Coast. The story REALLY takes off where the original Hillsurf ended, at the Rockin’ Waves slowly pounding the Cliffs at the Mavericks. It gradually moves lower to sea level at the Sand and Surfin’ Shores of Surf City, CA. Safety is a recurring theme. The film follows Highway 1 with sounds of nature, and sights of surrounding environment. Music from shores near and far joins the journey. A ride on a BMW motorcycle captures the feel from the eyes of the rider…somewhere between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. The opening credits takes you back in time to the hills. You venture to the present overlooking cliffs at high tide with approaching waves crashing on the beach, getting ready for a mystery that unfolds at each turn.
Surf the Hills of California...